Selfie Task Screening

Seamlessly assess liveliness to determine real-time engagement, enhancing user experiences and reduce spam or bots.


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“Selfie Tasks can be used in many cases to check if there is a real person in front of a camera (e.g. smartphone). The idea behind selfie tasks is quite simple, ask the person to fulfill a task (e.g. “touch your nose”) and record this with a smartphone. Our AI will check if the task was fulfilled and if it is the same person, as in the images for the registration.

Task Fulfillment Identification

Our technology judges if a person fulfills a designated gesture by artificial intelligence. With our cutting-edge algorithms, ensure seamless and reliable gesture recognition for a wide range of applications, from interactive experiences to immersive virtual environments.

Whatever Gesture you decide…

We are dedicated to continuous refinement and innovation, constantly improving our models to deliver industry-leading accuracy in liveliness checks. Stay ahead with our state-of-the-art AI technology, unlocking new levels of precision and reliability for your applications.

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Unlock the Power of Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition technology opens doors to a world of possibilities across a range of applications. Here’s how it can revolutionize your experience.

Control of Consumer Electronics
Elevate Security Measures
Breaking Down Language Barriers
Liveness Detection for online presence

Wave goodbye to remote controls. With gesture recognition, you can effortlessly navigate your consumer electronic devices, from TVs to smart home systems, using intuitive hand movements.

Enhance security with gesture-based access control. By performing specific gestures in a predefined order, combined with facial recognition, you can bolster security and access protocols.

Gesture recognition technology can translate sign language into audio in real-time. This innovation is a game-changer for facilitating communication between the deaf and those who don’t understand sign language, enabling inclusive conversations and eliminating language barriers.

During registration, a random gesture is displayed to the user. To complete the process, users simply upload a selfie replicating the displayed gesture. It’s quick, intuitive, and adds an extra layer of security to your platform. Say goodbye to complex captchas and hello to a more engaging and secure registration experience.

Download Gestures

Download our Gesture package and seamlessly integrate it to meet your specific needs.


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Our intelligent services and APIs enable your company to generate new and innovative flows. The orchestration and flow are fully controlled by your application, just by making use of simple REST calls. Simply register to get free access and start testing.

Secure and always on!

Our services are available 24h/ 7 days hosted in Germany. Fully control of data protection and GDPR conform according to the European Union rules. Therefore, especially when using AIs to analyze personal images being sensitive to privacy concerns is very important.

Various kinds of demands!

We help your company to defend itself against infringements of copyright, intellectual rights, or other objectionable content. Our AI works with 10ms response time and up to 60 frames per second for HD content. It allows you even to secure live streams!

Own framework and neural networks!

100% own developed technology. Our technology does not dependent on 3rd parties such as Google (Alphabet), Amazon or Facebook (Meta).

Leading the Way in AI Certification!

At airisprotect, we're not just another AI service provider – we're your strategic partner in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With our certification under the CertAI's AI Management Assessment Standard, you can trust us for unparalleled expertise in fairness, transparency, reliability, and security. Whether you're looking to enhance your operations, drive innovation, or gain a competitive edge, airisprotect is your gateway to AI excellence. Explore the countless reasons why leading organizations choose us to unlock the limitless potential of AI. Your success is our mission – experience the difference with airisprotect today!

Prevention and Protection

Our goal is to prevent you and your customers from suffering fraud and legal threats without your manual tasks

More than 280 million images

Almost 200,000 images are used to train our AI. For example, for the "nudity check," there are 250,000 annotated images. On top of that, more than 22,000 hours have flowed into our neural networks on high-end GPUs.

Next Big Thing

We are not only improving but also developing new features. For example, the identification of persons is one of them. The identifiers can distinguish people in a video or match them to other images. So it means person identification in videos and AI-based identification using an ID card.

Our technology meets all demands of:

Content Moderation for images and videos, Text Moderation, Profile Validation, Fraud Prevention

Content Moderation


Porn, Suggestive poses, fetish etc.


Knifes, Pistols or guns


Alcoholic Beverages

Unwanted Symbols

Conform, prevents, upload of hate signs


heroine, cannabis, syringes, etc.

Object Masking

Face Blurring for Enhanced Image Protection

Text Moderation

Overlay Text

Phone Numbers, Emails, Websites offensive text

Text Moderation

Identify poaching attempts, insults and more

Profile Validation

Face Detection

Partial vs. full face identification

Age Estimation

Seniors, adults, children

Selfie Task

Task fulfillment identification

Identity Check

ID Card identification

Fraud Prevention

Actor Screening

For mastercard regulation

Face Similarity

Compare between one or more faces

Other services

Attribute Detection

Sex, hair color, sunglasses, glasses…


Couples male-male, female-female

QR Code Detection

Detect and analyze QR codes

Quality Detection

Detect blurry and low quality content

Suggestive Check

Detect suggestive poses and acts

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