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Safeguarding Social Media: AI-Powered Content Moderation Solutions

Addressing challenges for safer user experiences, AI technology offers efficient identification and moderation of problematic content, including nudity, violence, hate symbols, and more. Discover how AI solutions revolutionize content moderation in the dynamic landscape of social media platforms.

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Social media is here to stay nowadays. So no company can longer ignore the power of influence on social media.
Social media influencers and individuals post frequently comments, photos, and videos on social media.
We know from the young generation that they often  search for something with a hashtag, instead of using search engine, e.g. before making a purchase decision.

Use Case

Social Media



UGC (User Generated Content)



Company D



So-called UGC (User Generated Content) is one of the popular marketing methods for brands.

A social media marketing agency developed a UGC collection tool that could collect social media posts with the hashtag and provide it to many clients.

Its challenge is that they can’t identify the images of different products or logos even if they pick the content with a specific hashtag.


The agency decided to use airisprotect AI to solve its challenges.
They went through the feasibility phase with thousands of photos they provided to the airisprotect team. As a result, they received well sorted photos by hashtag and the assurance that airisprotect AI works perfect for their use case.
The agency integrated the REST API of airisprotect into their collection tool as part of the workflow.


If the content includes inappropriate content, the system skips them automatically.
Plus, airisprotect AI detects the content collected by the tool with a particular hashtag, the AI sorts them out by each product.
It turned out that airisprotect AI checks and judges inappropriate content collected by its UGC tool with high accuracy even outperform the results of the human team that did this task before.
As a result, it reduced massive time and costs.

Bottom line: The stuff in charge can directly check the feasibility of clients requirements and provide a solution to the client in a friction of the time.