SFW IPTV Channels

Provide all your IPTV channels in a safe for work and safe for children version.


Ensure Family-Friendly Viewing with SFW IPTV Channels

We prioritize safe and enjoyable viewing experiences for families.
Our SFW IPTV Channels, is designed specifically for IPTV service providers looking to offer dedicated family packages. With our advanced technology, you can ensure that all content is safe for children by automatically blurring inappropriate material in real time.

Real-Time Content Filtering

SFW IPTV Channels utilize cutting-edge algorithms to detect and blur inappropriate content instantaneously, ensuring that every program on your family package remains child-friendly without compromising the viewing experience.

Easy Integration

Our product is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. You can install SFW IPTV Channels on your premises in your own data center, giving you complete control over the service and ensuring compliance with your privacy and security policies.

Customizable Family Packages

With SFW IPTV Channels, you can create dedicated family package tariffs that cater specifically to households with children. This customization allows you to market your services to a broader audience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our service supports a wide range of channels and content types, from live TV to on-demand videos. No matter what your viewers are watching, you can rest assured that the SFW IPTV Channels will maintain a family-friendly environment.

Benefits of using airis:protect for IPTV channels

Enhanced Parental Control

Parents can feel confident allowing their children to watch TV unsupervised, knowing that SFW IPTV Channels will automatically filter out any inappropriate content.

Increased Market Appeal

By offering a dedicated family package, you can attract more subscribers looking for safe viewing options for their children. This unique selling point sets you apart from competitors.

Consistent Compliance

The AI model applies guidelines consistently across all TV channels and content, ensuring adherence to regulations and policies.

Reduced Moderator Burden

AI-based content moderation alleviates the emotional and psychological toll on human moderators by automating the detection of explicit or offensive content, allowing them to focus on more complex or nuanced cases.

Cost-Effective Solution

Installing SFW IPTV Channels in your own data center means there are no recurring costs for third-party services. Our solution is based on a monthly fee per chanel that will continue to benefit your business and customers over time.

How It Works

  1. Installation: Install the SFW IPTV Channels software on your premises within your data center.
  2. Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing IPTV infrastructure.
  3. Configuration: Set up your dedicated family package tariffs with SFW IPTV Channels included.
  4. Real-Time Filtering: Our technology instantly blurs any inappropriate content as it is detected during broadcasting.
  5. Customer Enjoyment: Offer peace of mind to parents and guardians, knowing that their children are viewing safe content.

Transform your IPTV service with SFW IPTV Channels and offer your customers the peace of mind they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how you can integrate our solution into your offerings.

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Your reasons to use airis:protect

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Our intelligent services and APIs enable your company to generate new and innovative flows. The orchestration and flow are fully controlled by your application, just by making use of simple REST calls. Simply register to get free access and start testing.

Secure and always on!

Our services are available 24h/ 7 days hosted in Germany. Fully control of data protection and GDPR conform according to the European Union rules. Therefore, especially when using AIs to analyze personal images being sensitive to privacy concerns is very important.

Various kinds of demands!

We help your company to defend itself against infringements of copyright, intellectual rights, or other objectionable content. Our AI works with 10ms response time and up to 60 frames per second for HD content. It allows you even to secure live streams!

Own framework and neural networks!

100% own developed technology. Our technology does not dependent on 3rd parties such as Google (Alphabet), Amazon or Facebook (Meta).

Leading the Way in AI Certification!

At airis:protect, we're not just another AI service provider – we're your strategic partner in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With our certification under the CertAI's AI Management Assessment Standard, you can trust us for unparalleled expertise in fairness, transparency, reliability, and security. Whether you're looking to enhance your operations, drive innovation, or gain a competitive edge, airis:protect is your gateway to AI excellence. Explore the countless reasons why leading organizations choose us to unlock the limitless potential of AI. Your success is our mission – experience the difference with airis:protect today!

Prevention and Protection

Our goal is to prevent you and your customers from suffering fraud and legal threats without your manual tasks

More than 280 million images

Almost 200,000 images are used to train our AI. For example, for the "nudity check," there are 250,000 annotated images. On top of that, more than 22,000 hours have flowed into our neural networks on high-end GPUs.

Next Big Thing

We are not only improving but also developing new features. For example, the identification of persons is one of them. The identifiers can distinguish people in a video or match them to other images. So it means person identification in videos and AI-based identification using an ID card.

Our technology meets all demands of:

Content Moderation for images and videos, Text Moderation, Profile Validation, Fraud Prevention

Content Moderation


Porn, Suggestive poses, fetish etc.


Knifes, Pistols or guns


Alcoholic Beverages

Unwanted Symbols

Conform, prevents, upload of hate signs


heroine, cannabis, syringes, etc.

Object Masking

Face Blurring for Enhanced Image Protection

Text Moderation

Overlay Text

Phone Numbers, Emails, Websites offensive text

Text Moderation

Identify poaching attempts, insults and more

Profile Validation

Face Detection

Partial vs. full face identification

Age Estimation

Seniors, adults, children

Selfie Task

Task fulfillment identification

Identity Check

ID Card identification

Fraud Prevention

Actor Screening

For mastercard regulation

Face Similarity

Compare between one or more faces

Other services

Attribute Detection

Sex, hair color, sunglasses, glasses…


Couples male-male, female-female

QR Code Detection

Detect and analyze QR codes

Quality Detection

Detect blurry and low quality content

Suggestive Check

Detect suggestive poses and acts

Save-For-Work IPTV

Save IPTV for everyone

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